When I started using Godot Engine, what surprised me the most is the built-in Language Server Protocol support. Thank to it, I can easily develop GDScript with all my customized vim configs.


Install vim-godot.

Plug 'habamax/vim-godot'

Install neovim-remote.

pip3 install neovim-remote

Setup Neovim as the external editor for Godot

  1. Open menu Editor/Editor Settings/ then navigate to General/External/:
  2. Tick Use external editor
  3. Set nvr to Exec Path, use which nvr to get the absolute path.
  4. Add --servername godothost --remote-send "<C-\><C-N>:n {file}<CR>:call cursor({line},{col})<CR>" to Exec Flags

Start Neovim and listening to remote commands:

nvim --listen godothost .

now when you click on a script in godot it will open it in a new buffer in Neovim.

That’s all