Notes on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

genuine teamwork in most organizations remains as elusive as it has ever been. organizations fail to achieve teamwork because they unknowingly fall prey to five natural but dangerous pitfalls The Natural pitfalls absence of trust: unwillingness to be vulnerable within the group. fear of conflict: incapable of engaging in unfiltered and passionate debate of ideas. They resort to veiled discussions and guarded comments lack of commitment: team members rarely, if ever, buy in and commit to decisions, though they may feign aggrement during meetings. » Read More

Learning Julia, Line by Line

Cardsjl is a simple Julia package which demonstrate many interesting bits of the Julia Programming Language.

Reading it is an enjoyable experience. The note I’ve writtend down is here:

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Common Lisp Local Project Development with Quicklisp

Probably the cleanest way to do it: (pushnew (truename "/projects/app/") ql:*local-project-directories* ) (ql:register-local-projects) (ql:quickload :app) From Use Quicklisp to load personal projects from arbitrary locations. Alternatively, you can create a symlink in ~/quicklisp/local-projects/. » Read More

The Common Lisp Condition System

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Concurrency in Clojure, Racket, and Gerbil Scheme

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On Communication

Reading List.

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