Notes on the Implementation of Lua 5.3

Notes on the Implementation on Lua 5.3 is a collection of my notes on the Lua 5.3 source code. It’s a mix of both high-level ideas and interesting details in the source code.

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Analyze Streaming Data with Rust, Actix, and Lua

actix-lua provides a safe scripting environment for the actix framework with the Lua Programming Language.

Here’s an example about what you can achieve with it. Hope you can try these ideas in your next project.

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如何整合 Rust 與 Lua


Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

在系統中遷入一個動態輕巧的 scripting language 一直是個常見的設計。像 Rust 這樣的系統語言,雖然效能好,但是上手門檻較高。這時若是能遷入一個像 Lua 一樣動態型別,簡單易懂的語言,便能大幅提高系統彈性。

最近為了實做 actix-lua,研究了一下 Rust 跟 Lua 之間的介接,順便學了不少 Rust 跟 Lua 的設計,筆記在此。

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