Under the surveillance capitalism standard, g0v.social is a strange little social network.

Traditionally, social networks seek to radicalize people; the more toxic you become, the more traffic the platform will receive, and thus the greater the profit.

We used to use the internet to escape from reality. But now we return to reality to escape the toxicity of the internet.

The platform has taught us to post radical content, misinformation, hatred, and dunks in order to receive more feedback (likes, reposts) from the platform.

It is time to break the cycle.


g0v.social employs an unorthodox method of de-radicalizing social networks.

We ask that you post more about what you did rather than what you saw.

We heavily moderate content in accordance with our code of conduct.

We create a community in which you can breathe, leave, and return whenever you want.

g0v.social is not a product, but rather a garden. It fosters an entirely new relationship between the owner and the participants.

We want to muck around, feel connected to the process, and have fun. We want to create processes that do not scale. To see people tuck into them and enjoy them as people rather than statistics.

So far, it’s working quite well.