Based on the ripgrep user guide and Ripgrep Cheatsheet.

Syntax Description
rg -l clap List matching files only
rg -c clap List matching files, including a count
rg -i clap Search case-insensitively
rg --no-filename clap Don’t print filenames
rg -v clap Invert matching: show lines that do not match
`rg -c –sort path modified
rg -g '*.c' clap Only search in *.c files (can use multiple -g)
rg -g '!*.c' clap Search in everything but *.c files
rg -e clap1 -e clap2 Search for multiple patterns
rg -z clap Search in gzip, bzip2, xz, LZ4, LZMA, Brotli and Zstd compressed files
rg -trust -tconfig Search in file types rust and config
rg -Tconfig Don’t search in file type config
rg --type-add 'web:*.html' --type-add 'web:*.css' --type-add 'web:*.js' -tweb title Search with custom types
rg fast -r FAST Replace
rg fast -or FAST Replace the whole matching line