Benchmarking VPS for Remote Rust Development Environment

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Ripgrep Cheat Sheet

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Notes on The Signal Protocol

So, I assume you’re already familiar with Public-key cryptography and Diffie-Hellman key exchange. If not, there are lots of good materials about them. Check them out first!

Public-key cryptography is a solid, well-studied foundation for today’s modern encryption and privacy. PGP, Diffle-Hellman, and RSA are all well-known. However, if you want to develop something with encryption, they might be not enough.

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Cheney on the M.T.A

如果問軟體工程師他覺得簡潔又經典的文章,我想很多人會回答你這篇:Cheney on the M.T.A.

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Structured Concurrency

Thread 跟 Coroutine 是兩種常常用來處理 Concurrency 的工具。

使用這兩個工具時,很麻煩的一點就是需要手動管理他們的生命週期。本質上,Thread 跟 Coroutine 都是 global scope,不管你如何建立,他們都獨立在原本的程式順序之外。

常見的例子是,如果你在 main 建立一個新的 thread,main 並不會等 thread 結束,而需要你手動 join thread,在複雜的情況(例如 cancel、timeout)便相當容易出錯。

而 Structured Concurrency 就是試圖將 Thread 的生命週期與大家都很熟悉的 scope 結合。

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開始接觸 Go 到現在也已經過了 7 年了啊… 最近又有機會拿出 Go 出來寫寫,隨手寫一下感受。

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Notes on the Implementation of Lua 5.3

Notes on the Implementation on Lua 5.3 is a collection of my notes on the Lua 5.3 source code. It’s a mix of both high-level ideas and interesting details in the source code.

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Analyze Streaming Data with Rust, Actix, and Lua

actix-lua provides a safe scripting environment for the actix framework with the Lua Programming Language.

Here’s an example about what you can achieve with it. Hope you can try these ideas in your next project.

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